Bahía Rican Wedding ceremony Traditions

Costa Rican marriages are rich in meaning from the ceremony for the reception. They are also known if you are lively affairs that involve traditional foods and drinks, music, breaking a leg, and wedding ceremony favors.

Read on to get 5 captivating costa rican wedding customs that will put an extra feel of lifestyle to your big day.


A Costa Rican wedding usually consists of a variety of classic foods, like arroz con pollo and tamales de elote. Guests sometimes enjoy refreshments like tropical juices and dark beer. The couple will likely retain a wedding band to provide Latin American music.

In Costa Rica, it is tradition meant for the bridegroom and his best good friends to konzertveranstaltung the star of the wedding before the wedding. This is known as the “serenata. ”

This can be a special method for the groom to show his affection to get the star of the event and demonstrate his willingness being her carrier and head. The wedding service ends with all the exchange of tough luck gold coins, which will symbolizes the groom’s commitment to his new wife. The couple will likely then begin their particular honeymoon. The merrymaking and dancing sometimes extend in early morning hours.


Playa Rican brides to be are family-oriented and want to marry a man who will be considered a great provider and family leader. In addition they want a solid marriage that will previous for many years to come.

At marriage ceremony receptions, Costa Ricans like to move and celebrate with the friends and family. In addition they like to eat classic food including tamales and arroz con muchacho.

Probably the most popular Puerto Rican wedding traditions certainly is the money dance, exactly where guests flag bills for the bride’s dress or groom’s suit. The newlyweds collect this money and utilize it to pay for the honeymoon. The couple may also exchange 13 gold coins at the wedding ceremony. This custom is meant to represent wealth and prosperity intended for the new few.

Money Flow

Puerto Ricans love an effective party. All their weddings are no exception. Each goes all out with food, beverage, music, and dancing. Should you be a guest, it’s going to be a long nighttime that will probably end in your tiredness the following day.

Reception traditions are also a big part of virtually any Costa Rican wedding. It’s not unusual for friends to pin cash on the groom and bride. This is a form of payment with respect to the opportunity to party with all of them.

Is considered also a common practice for friends and family to gift the newlyweds with Holiday nativity shows or other decor for their house. They believe this will bring them good luck in their marital life. Incorporating these Costa Rican wedding traditions into your own celebration might add a amazing touch of culture and symbolism.

Silk Dress up

Costa Ricans are incredibly family-oriented, and they usually ask their whole extended family for their weddings. The bride wear a white dress up with a delightful bolero jacket, plus the groom will wear a darker tuxedo.

One unique tradition that some people will dsicover odd is the bride’s silk apparel and veil. This symbolizes her readiness to sacrifice their self for her hubby. The soon-to-be husband, meanwhile, wears a light shirt that is been hand-embroidered by simply his near future wife. At present, however , the majority of brides go with ready-to-wear equipment stitched shirts rather.

At the reception, friends dance to Spanish music and enjoy large portions of food. They also flag money at the newlyweds’ clothes in a tradition known as “Money Stream. ” This can be meant to help them start out their fresh life jointly.

13 Gold Coins

The groom shows the new bride with 13 gold coins during the marriage ceremony. Known as “las arras”, the coins are based on the groom’s pledge to support and take care of his wife. They are often a present from madrinas and padrinos and are blessed by a priest. The quantity 13 also represents Jesus Christ and the doze Apostles.

During the reception, it is traditional for friends and family to gift dating costa rican women the couple with favorite for their home that they may display during the Christmas season and throughout their matrimony. This is said to take them luck.

At a Costa Rican wedding, the groom will also present his new better half with 13 gold coins during the wedding ceremony that the clergyman will bless. This kind of symbolizes his commitment to supporting her as your sweetheart embarks onto her new life.

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