Week in review: Inflation remains hot; interest rates may hit 4 35% by year end; Stake’s 2022 most popular stocks

The ASX 200 has erased all of yesterday’s gains, and today’s inflation report could be the trigger which prompts an arguably needed correction. At the time of writing the cross is testing last week’s highs and trying to close above the 100 and 200-day EMAs. New Zealand’s Q4 inflation rose 7.2% y/y, which is slightly above 7.1% forecast yet beneath the RBNZ’s own forecast of 7.5% as of its November MPR . CPI rose 1.4% quarter-on-quarter (q/q) which is below RBNZ’s forecast of 1.7% yet above market consensus of 1.3%.

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Automated edit checks are also done at the time of data capture. The price information transmitted to Statistics Canada is further reviewed for outliers or unusual changes. A combination of judgment and outlier detection techniques are used to detect errors. In cases where unusual price changes are not explained, follow-up investigations are made.

Collected data are converted to price indexes and data are released as such, so that it is not possible to identify the suppliers of the original raw price information. In addition, when average prices are published at the national level for a specific group of products, it is not possible to identify the outlets which supplied data. The quality of this index is maintained through the expertise of the analysts assigned to it. They develop a thorough knowledge of the domain, which is supplemented by outside personal contacts for particular goods or services.

The Consumer Price Index represents changes in prices as experienced by Canadian consumers. It measures price change by comparing, through time, the cost of a fixed basket of goods and services. Since the basket contains goods and services of unchanging or equivalent quantity and quality, the index reflects only pure price change. The seasonally adjusted indexes are the only CPI series open to revision. Each month, the previous month’s seasonally adjusted index is subject to revision.


Expanding the suite of representative products further ensures that price movements of varying magnitudes are accounted for in the CPI. The CPI is widely used as an indicator of the change in the general level of consumer prices or the rate of inflation. Since the purchasing power of money is affected by changes in prices, the CPI is useful to all Canadians. Consumers can compare movements in the CPI to changes in their personal income to monitor and evaluate changes in their financial situation. Spread bet and trade CFDs from one trading platform with one of the leading spread betting companies and CFD trading providers in the UK. Vehicle-for-Hire and Private Transportation Company Training for the City of Toronto is an online training program designed for drivers providing transportation services in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Although City Index seemed to be a good choice in the beginning due to regulations and the good reputation of its parental company, the user reviews show that everything is not that good here.
  • Sometimes a new item is introduced into the sample for which price movements can only be calculated in the following month.
  • Probability-proportional-to-size sampling is used to select hotels and motels for traveller accommodation.
  • Following the initial introduction of point-of-sale transaction data into the food components of the CPI in May 2018, the data has become more broadly used in the food indexes.
  • Prices are collected for a large representative set of consumer goods and services.

This is the first sign of a trustworthy broker because it has a good reputation https://broker-review.org/ and it is not likely for the company to deceive its clients.

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The BLS is committed to providing data promptly and according to established schedules. Automated retrieval programs (commonly called “robots” or “bots”) can cause delays and interfere with other customers’ timely access to information. Therefore, bot activity that doesn’t conform to BLS usage policy is prohibited. It’s certainly not a good platform, and you’ll be better off somewhere else. Many complain that support ignores them, that they don’t even exist. These are harsh statements, and you could suspect some sort of bias in them.

If the Advanced Trader platform is used, the average spread for the EUR/USD pair is 0.8 pips. With the MT software the spread is already 1.7 pips, so it is better to use the other platform. This is more efficient when it comes to the taxes in the United Kingdom, so most users might want to consider using this as an alternative trading method.

Following international guidelines regarding price index methodology, prices used in the CPI follow a quality assurance process to ensure consistency in the product characteristics over time. Prices are integrated into the CPI estimation system using manual and automated processes. Download entire table “Inter-city indexes of price differentials of consumer goods and services, annual”.

city index review

For some products (e.g., some household appliances and electronic goods), a mean imputation is used to account for the change in the quality, while hedonic adjustments are used for other products (e.g., Internet access services). The option costing method is also used to account for quality changes, notably for products like food purchased from restaurants. Price quotes used in the CPI are increasingly accessed from non-traditional sources. Transaction data files received directly from retailers, manual online collection, and automated web-scraping accounts for a growing percentage of price quotes. Occasionally, in sectors that have limited online presence or where there is a risk of significant response burden, prices are collected by Statistics Canada staff through direct contact with respondents.

They either refuse to withdraw your money to your bank account, or just ban your account and withhold your funds for some reason. And did you know that your overnight positions are charged with overnight fees? You might not ever notice it, because they aren’t featured anywhere, including the financial history. It’s really poor, especially since the rating isn’t so low because everyone gives it average reviews.

Additional data sources are used when the information supporting expenditure weights for specific aggregates is not sufficiently robust or where HFCE or SHS data is unavailable. If you have a complaint or feel that you have been unfairly treated by a financial services company, the first thing you should do is to contact the company you have a dispute with and officially report your complaint. The CPI is believed to be sufficiently accurate for most practical purposes. Accuracy is best at higher levels of geographic and product aggregation due to the larger sizes of the price samples for high levels of aggregation. In general, accuracy is better at the Canada level for any product index in the CPI, compared to the same index at the province or city level.

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Also, accuracy is better at the All-items CPI or major component levels of the CPI, compared to individual product indexes. Finally, the CPI is more accurate as an indicator of change over several months or a year, compared to the accuracy of the price change measured from any one month to the next. A step-by-step approach is used to calculate the fixed-basket consumer price indexes for any aggregate above the elementary aggregate level. Ultimately, every aggregate index is a weighted arithmetic average of the corresponding price indexes for all the elementary aggregates contained in the given aggregate. Data users employing the CPI for indexation purposes are advised not to use seasonally adjusted series. First, revisions of seasonally adjusted data can lead to changes in both levels and movements of the indexes.

city index review

It is recommended that you remain careful with this company because it does not have many positive opinions from customers. A user, Mat Kerouac, says that he has been working with the company for several years and had no issues with withdrawals. He also states that he has no idea why there are so many reviews that call City Index a scam. It is quite possible that this is an informational attack of a competitor. Online trading requires extreme cautiousness when it comes to choosing a broker. You can never be sure whether a company is legit or not until you read some reviews and work with it on your own.

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The execution is smooth, and the customized features that City Index implemented into MT4 and other platforms are justified. It’s nothing new – a lot of financial brokers have something similar. These issues come in different varieties, but generally boil down to similar outcomes.

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Built upon the hard work of student editors at both law faculties, the ALR is published every quarter and has roughly 1,000 pages per volume. This article is a review of another work such as a book or a film. The original work discussed here is not available on this platform. Below are additional links that lead to other City dashboards and city index review data visualizations that help provide further insights about Toronto. Any use of the data from Toronto’s Dashboard is subject to the terms of the Open Government License – Toronto. Data are collected directly from survey respondents, extracted from administrative files and derived from other Statistics Canada surveys and/or other sources.

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