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Some people however report problems in reaching Offerslook customer support as well as complaints. Our technical programme setup enable agencies to provide unparallelled insights, support and recommendations to grow and mature an affiliate programme on the Awin network. Agencies are supported by our dedicated publisher management, strategy, technical, and business intelligence teams, amongst others, to drive each affiliate programme forward. Partnerize is known to provide specialized surveillance services.

what is affiliate management system

You cannot stream conversion information from your advertising network or any analytics pixels. Your marketing plan will therefore be very superficial and you will have to install incomplete tracking data or configure pixels and analytics. Important features include an intuitive affiliate dashboard, automated affiliate registration and unlimited affiliate management sections.

ProRank Tracker review

Ai is widely accepted across the globe, from IT teams that create internal documentation and information bases, to sales and market teams that share customer materials and client portals. Affiliate software automating onboarding contracts, reporting, tracking activity, and payments affiliate management software is available for the Affiliate Programs. It helps in creating a more efficient way to manage affiliate programs. “We were one of the pioneers of the compliance revolution, setting a good precedent of compliant affiliate marketing,” says bgobuddies’ Karolina Filip.

what is affiliate management system

Affiliate management and realtime campaign tracking a software program accounting module, cross-platform campaigns acceleration, and easy access. This list of the top affiliate marketing monitoring software programs can be found here. FirstPromoter provides SaaS organizations with easy tracking, managing & optimization of referral-based advertising.

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Download the stats from your affiliate programs and PPC campaigns in one window. Affiliate tracking software that analyzes your affiliate income by connecting all your affiliate networks in one place. Software solution that helps you to offer create, distribute to multiple affiliates, and provides real-time reports. Refersion helps online shops track sales driven by promoters, influencers, and affiliates. Streamline your affiliate marketing efforts by easily creating and managing an in-house affiliate program. Voluum is a performance tracking software for affiliate marketers, media buyers, and agencies.

  • The advertiser, say EasyJet in this example, would then give Skyscanner a commission since the sale, also referred to as a conversion was generated by them.
  • Support your affiliate, referral, and reseller channel needs, from a single platform.
  • It enables full transparency of our payment structure, actions and strategy with a clear reporting system which breaks down the data into easy to digest insight.
  • Our approach is always bespoke, creating a strategy that focuses on your goals and harnesses your market’s potential.
  • Their team is also receptive to suggestions for product developments that address the evolving needs of affiliates.

Unlimited clicks, pay only for conversions, save 50% of your cost. Inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication combined into one powerful platform of online tools & apps. Kartra comes with a built-in affiliate management system so you can quickly build an army of salespeople, without the stress. Our fully interactive online training platform is compatible across all devices and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. All our online courses come with a standard 90 days access that can be extended upon request.


We’ll orchestrate the setup and launch, as well as manage any migration from your existing services. Partners will then be on-boarded, as well as setting up branding and creative guidelines that keep your identity integral at all times. Built to serve unique needs of startup performance marketers, affiliates, agencies, and any e-commerce sites or online businesses.

what is affiliate management system

It enables you to leverage large and diverse networks to create campaigns focused on driving traffic, increasing brand awareness and turning visitors into customers. We’re experts in the field, and partnering with us enables you to evolve your affiliate campaign to turn site-hopping visitors into loyal consumers. Cloud-based affiliate marketing software that tracks pageviews, clicks, conversions and attributes accurately to pages, content, sources and more. Kintura is a platform primarily for affiliate marketers to engage in high-volume popup traffic. It uses AI to make specializing products a unique industry advantage – innovative algorithms maximize conversion.

The #1 rated and most reviewed affiliate marketing software

As of today, AffiliateWP is the leading affiliate management WordPress plugin that you can find. Affiliate marketing is an effective way of increasing products and income. Voluum is a platform for managing tracking and optimizing ad campaigns.

what is affiliate management system

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